Peter's Natural Gardening


Our company offers Lawn and Garden Care packages for residential work, preferably through a HOA program.  We serve the North Metro Atlanta area.  For large projects i.e. - golf course, organic farm, we consult to completely implement and demonstrate the proper use of the system.  If it were feasible to transport huge amounts of liquid to apply, we could do it, however this is not really possible.   Our consulting fee therefore includes basic theory overview, guidelines, suppliers provided,  how to make the AACT (aerobically activated compost tea), how to use a microscope, and what to look for, application rates, etc.  This all helps insure consistently excellent results. 


Soil Treatments -  Top of the line natural materials utilizing several lab tested composts, and premium "soil foods" are processed into a life enriched aqueous solution that produces superior soil structure, and a complete and healthy soil food web. Microscopic analyses are performed throughout the whole process, which takes 24-48 hours to produce, to insure consistent quality and results.  Our premium soil enhancement is odorless and will:


  • support all biological activity in the soil,
  • support maximum root development, intake of nutrients,
  • repel harmful nematodes, encourage beneficial ones,
  • repel detrimental insects,
  • provide cumulative and sustainable results,
  • produce extremely lush growth, more abundant flowering,
  • foster a safer, cleaner, more beautiful environment for families, kids and pets
  • reduce, eliminate weed problems.
                             (Please call for a quote.)


Dutch Gardens - Dutch inspired for enduring unmatched beauty.  Click here Dutch GardensPlease call for a quote. 


Weed control / elimination  -    With our service, pre and post emergent chemicals will become a thing of the past!   Large weeds(and roots) are pulled by hand or an organic solution that is non selective may be used. A good, balanced microbial population and the correct pH equals far less weeds, so after a short while you can have weeds completely under control just by the difference in the soil we work to create.  Please call for a quote.


Vegetable Garden Creation - Growing vegetables and herbs using natural, organic methods certainly is excellent.  They are much better tasting than store bought and provide significantly more nutrition also.  Your cooking will taste better than ever before using your own home grown produce. If you have an adequately sunny area it really is easy and rewarding and we can help you with the whole process.  Just ask us.  If feasible, we will be happy to provide a quote.   We are happy to work with schools on educational government funded projects for organic food production.  Setting up a garden is easy and we can show you how.


Indoor Gardening - We have enormous experience in this area,  and can help you have the most successful indoor garden ever!  


Natural Disease and Insect Control / Elimination - We provide a safe and natural alternative for severe problems.  A safe solution that is organic and natural is sprayed over all areas. It is all natural and completely non-systemic.  It basically provides a protective shield to keep insects and disease at bay.  One treatment is two apps done two weeks apart.   We recommend this done twice a calendar year.  Odorless.  Please call for a quote.


Soil Testing -     We offer both mineral testing and a microbiology assay test.  Please call for a quote. 


Organic Farming - This type of commercial farming activity is becoming more pronounced as demand continues to increase.   We can provide consulting services and/or materials for any size agricultural project.   Please call for a quote.


Turf Maintenance for Sports -  We employ the same premium methodology now being used with great success in Scotland, Germany, England, Canada, and the Western United States on Golf Courses, and all other sports that have natural turf grass as the playing surface.   Are you a perfectionist?  We will act as a consultant to set up an in house system, and you will see a thicker, more durable turf with half the work and half the expense.  Do you spend $100K per year on your turf?   We can save an organization 50% ($50,000 here)  in a short time, the first year, and produce equal or better turf.   Please call for a quote.