Peter's Natural Gardening

Dutch Gardens


Here is a photo from the world famous Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands.   We will help plan a garden according to your specifications.   We can do one like you see here or you can look through the photos on the Keukenhof site.   Choose one you like, download  it and email  to us.  Click on this link to get some great ideas.           


Superior Enhancement

Enriches soil with rare, premium all natural materials and practical application of microbiology  to  provide everything needed for optimal growth and abundant flowering of all plants and grasses.  Creates structured soil and develops completely new humus that retains water and nutrients for true sustainability.  Grows grass densely to choke out weeds; produces strong plants that resist insects and disease by building thicker cellular membranes, naturally.  Maximizes visual appeal and reduces all associated costs.  All materials are completely odorless, and 100% safe for families, kids and pets.

Eco Friendly

Benefits the environment and saves our precious water resources for a better future.  All materials are gathered or farmed in a way that does not harm the environment.  Insect and disease control is all natural.  Any and all residual toxins, heavy metals from previous chemical applications, are quickly eliminated or captured by accelerated microbial activity, to foster a pristine and healthy environment.