Peter's Natural Gardening


Quotes We decided to do an experiment. Half of my lawn with the organic materials Peter uses and half with a well known brand's best turf fertilizer. The difference was obvious. The side with Peter's method was a vibrant, lively green you rarely see. The other side paled in comparison. The eco-friendly composition is also beneficial for the environment. The decision should be a no brainer. I think Peter has a great service and highly recommend it . Quotes
Stan T.

Quotes When I first met Peter I learned he was very good at several things and it didn't take long to hear about and see his gardening expertise firsthand.. His vegetable gardens are out of this world and he gave me a lot of excellent tasting organically grown vegetables. I can hardly wait to see and taste what he is growing this coming season. Quotes
Rob G.
VP Sales

Quotes Peter knows a ton about gardening and has a green thumb as well. He is certainly very talented and knows what is needed to always produce spectacular results. I would give him an A+. Quotes
Russell H.
High School Teacher

Quotes He is a real genius at gardening. I have known quite a few gardeners and growers and no one comes close to Peter. He really has a magic touch and is super knowledgeable about it. I am always amazed at what he can do in the garden. My lawn looks better than it ever has in twenty years since he helped with it last year. Quotes
Kristy B.
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