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Peter's Natural Gardening was founded to help anyone quickly have a more beautiful and sustainable environment through advanced science.

Do you know that healthy, fertile soil must have life within it?  To understand better, take a shovel and dig up some of your soil to examine.  If you see few to no earthworms in your soil, your lawn and garden is not nearly what it could or should be. Earthworms and other microbial life, and in good numbers (i.e.- the soil food web), are necessary for fertile, well balanced soil. In virtually all developed areas, it is difficult or rare to find adequate life in the soil that sustains, encourages and allows lush growth to naturally occur. Our methodology very quickly reverses this so that a sustainable, naturally supportive soil initiates, develops and thrives.

When inorganic chemicals were first used, the results were excellent.  But over use of salts and toxins decimates soil structure and destroys most of the life in a soil.  Also, of great concern, is that an estimated 90% of salt based fertilizers are immediately lost as runoff with a heavy rain, so this is literally money down the drain, and also terrible for the environment, eventually traveling to the oceans to do further damage.  Our methodology fosters a sustainable, pristine environment by helping restore natural balance without chemicals.

How do we quickly help restore natural balance?   Working from the bottom up as it should be.  We totally infuse the soil with a proprietary formulation we prepare (manufacture) in house from top of the line raw materials that are necessarily imported.  The end product contains concentrated numbers of beneficial aerobic microorganisms.  We verify by microscope to insure the right organisms and numbers are present.   What follows is the return of natural forces, the sequester of carbon, a fully functioning Nitrogen Cycle, and healthy, better growth with vastly fewer problems and expenses.  The transformation is quickly evident by the numbers of earthworms, arthropods and beneficial organisms suddenly seen.   This means far less weeds, or diseases, or insects to be concerned with.   Greener greens and more flowers.  A basic law of nature is that enough good guys working together will force all the bad guys right out.  By concentrating our efforts primarily on building the biological health of the soil, employing the most basic and beneficial forms of life, natural beauty and a better environment can really flourish.  You can think of it as billions and billions of tiny helpers! Fortunately, excellent results are quickly apparent, within months, not years.  As horticulture professionals, we wholeheartedly utilize this as the best way to exceptional growth and beauty, a cleaner, healthier environment, and now, so can you!




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                                            Quick Comparison


   Peter's Natural Gardening     versus   Traditional chemical lawn care 

     Uses 100% natural, organic, safe materials         Inorganic chemicals, dangerous toxins


      Less weeds                                                       More weeds


     Speeds up, increases life in the soil                Slows down or decreases life in the soil


     Excellent root development                                  Poor root development 


     Retains water and nutrients                                  H2O and nutrients are not retained 


     Eliminates residual toxicity                                  Adds more toxins


     Builds soil structure, less runoff                           Breaks down soil structure, more runoff


     Sequesters Carbon                                             Carbon lost into the atmosphere  


     Sustainable, less used over time                          Non-sustainable, always more required     


     Stronger plants = less diseases, insects               Weaker plants - diseases, insects 


     Longer lasting, abundant flowering                       Less flowers with shorter duration


     Good for nature and the environment                    Bad for nature and the environment 




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